Frequently Asked Questions for Jewish Monuments

Q: Do you provide memorials for all the North Shore Jewish cemeteries?

A: Yes! We proudly serve all JCAM cemeteries and independent Jewish cemeteries in the greater Boston area. For a comprehensive list, please see our dedicated webpage: Cemeteries We Serve.

Q: What is the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts (JCAM)?

A: JCAM owns and manages 125 cemeteries in the Greater Boston area. That’s more than 50% of the Jewish cemeteries in Massachusetts. We work closely with JCAM to ensure your memorial aligns with their guidelines, and we handle all permit and foundation paperwork for you.

Q: How can I locate a specific gravesite in a JCAM-managed cemetery, and can you help with this?

A: We can certainly assist you in finding the gravesite. Whether you contact us or use JCAM’s online database, we’ll help you locate your loved one’s resting place.

Q: Are there specific regulations for Jewish cemetery memorials, and how can I ensure my memorial complies with them?

A: Depending on the cemetery, there are usually guidelines to respect the sanctity of Jewish cemeteries. Rest assured, our expertise lies in crafting memorials that adhere to these regulations while allowing for personalization.

Q: What is the process for installing a memorial in a JCAM cemetery, and how do you help?

A: We’ll assist you in submitting the necessary permits and coordinate the installation of the memorial in accordance with cemetery guidelines.

Q: Can you assist with Hebrew inscriptions?

A: Absolutely. We have experience with Hebrew inscriptions and can ensure their accuracy and proper translation. We also maintain close relationships with local synagogues and coordinate with them when necessary. Learn More Here: Foreign Language Lettering.

Q: Are there specific symbols that are commonly used?

A: Yes, many Jewish symbols and designs are commonly used, such as the Star of David, menorahs, and Hebrew inscriptions. For more on Jewish symbolism, please see our dedicated webpage: Jewish History & Symbolism

Q: Are there specific designs or memorial layouts that are commonly used?

A: There are a few memorial sizes that we commonly create: the single memorial, double memorial, and flat marker (both bronze and granite) being the most prevalent. With double memorials, we always ensure that when you’re facing the monument, the individuals buried in the plot are inscribed on the correct side of the granite, following Jewish tradition. View our portfolio for more.