Learn About Our Process

We recognize that crafting a monument for your loved ones is deeply personal. From inception to installation, we ensure every detail is addressed. We’re here to collaborate closely with you at every stage, transforming your vision into a beautiful and enduring memorial that captures the essence of the life being celebrated. 

While every customer interaction is distinct and tailored to individual needs, here’s a common process we follow when assisting families in search of a memorial.

Step 1: Plan

Here’s our process for the planning stage, using a flexible approach: 

  • Ensure we understand all cemetery restrictions for the family’s lot, which may include size, color, and design requirements
  • Walk through granite color options, providing insights into the origin and characteristics of each
  • Discuss memorial measurements in plain and straightforward language
  • Showcase our vast inventory to ignite creative ideas
  • Ask detailed questions about the individual who has passed, seeking inspiration for the design
  • Inquire about future plans and anything we should keep in mind for individuals who may be interred in the same lot at a later time
  • Offer assistance with choosing epitaphs or verses that hold personal significance
  • Guide customers through design books to help them visualize their thoughts
  • Discuss lettering and font options to personalize the memorial
  • Provide full disclosure on pricing details, maintaining transparency throughout the process

Step 2: Design & Craft

Here’s how we collaborate when we’re designing and crafting of your memorial:

  • Create comprehensive design proofs, showcasing the rendering at scale
  • Ensure that the design and lettering complement the granite color, working closely with our craftsmen
  • Provide custom, hand-done etchings, including portraits, figures, and scenes for those seeking a personal touch
  • Design for future inscriptions, making certain that there is adequate space on the monument
  • Maintain close communication with you, ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with the design before final approval
  • Create your memorial on-site which allows for complete control, using traditional and modern techniques

Step 3: Install

When the memorial is ready for delivery, we take care of the installation and some key steps:

  • Complete a final cleaning to ensure it’s in perfect condition
  • Install the memorial in its proper place, working with the cemetery when necessary
  • Guarantee the memorial is perfectly level, centered, and securely affixed to the base
  • Veil the memorial, upon special request
  • Call you to let you know that the memorial is set
  • Provide photos on request to give you visual confirmation of the completed installation

Step 4: Clean & Restore

Over time, exposure to various weather conditions can cause memorials to accumulate mold, lichen, and other debris. We restore your memorial to its original condition using the following steps:

  • Take ‘before’ photos of the memorial to ensure you really see the difference
  • Professionally wash and deep clean the memorial, using a biodegradable solution that won’t damage the environment
  • Provide ‘after’ photos once the cleaning is complete
  • Offer repair services upon special request