Our History

Founded in 1890, O’Rourke Bros. Memorials is one of the oldest manufacturers of cemetery memorials in New England. As the foremost monument retailer on the North Shore, we have proudly crafted more headstones and granite markers for our community than any other provider. Complementing our legacy, our sister store, Abate Monuments, has been serving the community since 1924, offering invaluable service for generations.

In the early 20th century, O’Rourke Bros. Memorials had up to 30 skilled craftsmen and monument builders on staff. The company received large granite blocks from the Quincy Quarries and Vermont, and artisans meticulously carved and shaped the granite by hand, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship. While modern techniques have reduced some of the manual labor, hand-carving is still an integral part of our work today.

The Next Generation of Memorialists

In 1980, Mary and Gabriel Rossi Jr. purchased the company from the O’Rourke family, and it’s been a family-run business ever since. Today, their daughter Briana Rossi and her husband Denis Gircha join them in managing the operations, all working together to continue and build on the company’s rich legacy.
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