Granite Flat Markers

Flat grave markers can serve as the primary monument or complement an upright one and are typically placed at the foot of the grave. The size of a flat marker is generally defined by cemetery guidelines, with the most common dimensions being 2′ x 1′. However, we can create markers in a variety of sizes and dimensions.

Flat grave markers are commonly used for one or two names, but can accommodate up to four burials. You’ll find that many features and designs available for our upright memorials can seamlessly be incorporated into flat grave markers. 

We also provide specialty flat markers such as:

  • Ledgers: Extra large, often ornate, flat grave markers that span the entire length of a grave. Some ledgers are designed with a slight elevation to enhance visibility.
  • Corner Posts: These are granite markers resembling small pillars, typically measuring 6” X 6”. Corner posts are often used to stake the boundaries of a family burial plot.

Explore our gallery to see some of the granite flat markers we have created for customers over the years.